Mobilize and Organize

Using the knowledge gained from the journey of the housing strike. We have already begun creating a program to address multiple issues at once.


Using our new deeper understanding of civil rights, living on the ground, along with how extensively broken the bottom of the system is.


We will work to mobilize and protect existing homeless encampments into political protests on the surface to put the pressure required to see these wonderful people homed. This will also see them better protected from being dismantled.


In the process we will help provide infrastructure and guidance. Working with existing community programs and support systems. Improving quality of life while gaining the relationships required to discern individual needs.


More than housing we will be able to assist in connecting the right people for ongoing support. Along with helping to get essential things like I.D. to allow someone to work to better one's own life.


Many want to improve their situation and are willing to do the work. They need a better system to make this happen. In the meantime we will do what we can through mobilization with peaceful organization.

Reach Out Any Time

We will do our best to respond with in 48 hrs